about me

Greetings! I am a board-certified music therapist, yoga instructor, and sound healer based in Burlington, Vermont. I am the founder of Sound Roots, LLC. My mission is to support individual and community wellness using the skills that I have cultivated on my journey. I believe in holistic health and interdisciplinary collaboration, and approach healing from a humanistic perspective infused with mindfulness practice. My services utilize innovative research-based experiences that can help people of all ages and abilities to achieve their goals, whether physical, psychological, cognitive, emotional, communicative, or social. I am here to meet the needs of our community in all of Northern Vermont. 


Interested in music therapy, yoga, or sound healing services? 

My Story

The most profound good each human can achieve is to offer positive energy back into the world in what ever way they are able. To love, to share, to resonate healing: this is our journey. A smile on your face can affect more change than you may ever know. Having the energy and space in your life to spare a moment or lend a hand will ripple outwards infinitely. But first, we must heal.


Growing up in an old farmhouse with nature surrounding me left an imprint on my soul and offered me an intangible place to always call home. I know that this place exists in every one of us in our unique way. My youth was far from traditional, lending its tumultuous self to the creation of what I fondly call our “family bush”. The more the merrier has been a proverb in every one of the many places I call home, and this has taught me the sacredness of community


My passions for learning, research, science, and art culminated in a rigorous Vermont education at Middlebury College, for which I am eternally grateful. My love of sound and intense interest in human psychology and physiology lead me to focus my energy on music, cognitive psychology, and yoga. I hold degrees in both music and psychology


These passions have shaped my life, and while I had a taste of the music industry through my success in several Music Licensing positions, after self-reflection I was able to follow my heart, and was blessed to discover a beautiful intersection of my loves in the form of Music Therapy, Yoga teaching, sound healing, and cooking. I am a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance at the RYT-200 level, and a Board Certified Music Therapist through the University of the Pacific and Earthtones Music Therapy Services. I also have my Sound Healing certification through Globe Institute of Sound and Consciousness. I am the founder of Sound Roots, LLC, a small practice based in Burlington, VT that offers Music Therapy, Yoga, and Sound Healing services.


My brief time here has been marked with trial and drastic change, existential crises, heartbreak and love, and constant self-discovery. I am no stranger to suffering, but strive to count my blessings, which abound. I have often taken for granted what is most essential - my mind, my heart, and my body - amidst the search for ‘more’. Finding my self through sound, music, yoga, and food has strengthened my respect and love for this essence. The human desire to attain our truest expression is what fuels my passion to serve, and I hope to extend that bliss to each person I encounter. 


Personal Mission Statement:

It is my mission to conduct the flow of truth, consciousness, and bliss; to discover and learn how I can most naturally and graciously exist in this world while resonating positive energy internally and externally; to hold grounded space for mindfulness and self-awareness; to cultivate an open mind and heart through compassion and inspiration; to find my voice and live an authentic life; to honor the sacredness of community; to grow and nurture and heal myself and others; to embrace reality; and to share love.