Music: My Background

Music has always been a part of me. It is in my blood, my DNA. The power of sound and its fundamental nature as part of the human condition has been an obsession of mine for as long as I’ve had the skill of cognition. I love every part of it: creating, listening, analyzing, and dancing! 


I sang with my father playing guitar, with TV commercials, in the car, the grocery store, and to myself in our backyard. I was played to sleep every night by a soft guitar. I sang in choirs and in musicals. When the band instructor came to our fourth grade classroom, I left with a flute. During my rebellious teenage years, I took electric guitar lessons and went to countless concerts and music festivals. I sang in every possible group in my high school.


Studying music in college was an easy decision to make. I searched for ways to pursue my passion for music perception and cognition, and ended up receiving degrees in both cognitive psychology and music. My thesis consisted of arranging and performing in a concert of jazz standards for 6 piece instrument ensemble and voice, accompanied by a psychological analysis of the most prominent performers of each song, and a live album. 

As a vocalist, in addition to jazz I love to sing blues, rock, reggae, folk, and even trip hop every now and then. I also dabble on guitar, piano, flute, ukulele, djembe, and percussion. I have self-recorded an album of original songs, which you can find here.  

In addition to my pure and simple love for music, I have experience in many facets of the industry including Music Therapy, sound healing, music licensing, live and recorded sound engineering, and performance. I worked as the Content Licensing and Analytics Lead at the social music technology company Smule, and am currently working towards my board certification as a Music Therapist and national certification as a sound healer. I also just love to jam.

My passions lie in the psychology and science behind music as well as in its powerful aesthetic and healing influence on our world (frequently manifesting in the undeniable urge to dance). The healing power of sound has opened my eyes to many things, including the practice and teaching of yoga and the transformative nature of the foods that we eat. Everything that we do can heal us.