Yoga: My History

Yoga heals and unites all of the elements of my self. It enables me to find peace, meaning, and intention in every moment. I can simply be aware of my body in space, and listen to it's wisdom. My practice offers me the time to explore more deeply, and to take the mindfulness that I cultivate off the mat and into the world. Yoga has illuminated my true self, and liberated my energy. The time honored wisdom of the teachings humbles me with potential to be both present and grounded. I hope to support my students with a strong practice that is rooted in breath and alignment, and offers hands-on adjustments to deepen each asana in preparation for what lies beyond.

I was first introduced to yoga at a young age, as a means of improving my spinal health and also as a wholly beneficial activity that had been a pastime of my family. Yoga practice passed in and out of my life for many years in varying degrees. As a teenager, I found a teacher who opened my eyes to the sonic properties of yoga. With that first sound of OM I knew my self would forever be changed, but I was not ready to integrate it into my life. Again in college, a teacher appeared, one whose perspective and wisdom drew me to his classes. Prem Prakash acquainted me with the traditions in which yoga is truly rooted. I felt myself giving into my heart, but was still too headstrong, lost, and concerned with impressing the world with my music and science to dedicate myself to a consistent daily internal practice. 


Years later, after many frustrations in finding community, I discovered a space and a set of teachers whose knowledge and compassion inspired me to take my practice to a new level. They were honest and strong, and while I struggled with the physical practice for some time, I finally began to cherish my moments on the mat. Although I still struggle, the strength I found moved both inwards and outwards. I began to feel more like myself than I ever had, and also began to cultivate a mediation practice. The discoveries I made caused me to rethink my path, and liberated me to follow the true song of my heart. 


Before I knew it, I had left my office job and was on the way to becoming a certified yoga teacher and Music Therapist. I received my RYT-200 level Yoga Alliance certification through my home studio, Yoga Mayu, under the instruction of wonderful teachers Gizella Donald, Jody Hahn, and Christopher Love. My training is rooted in the Ashtanga lineage of Sri K.Pattabhi Jois, and breath is an essential element of my perspective on the practice. I aim to incorporate healthy alignment and balance into every flow. In my practice, yoga encompasses all eight limbs as outlined by Patanjali, and is a complete philosophy for life and health. I have also completed the 50 hour Rocket Yoga training, a system developed in San Francisco by Larry Schultz based on the Ashtanga tradition that allows room for creativity and breath. My understanding of my place in the yoga tradition was deepened through the Laughing Lotus 50 hour Yoga Philosophy training


It was only through the practice of yoga and meditation that I was able to truly see what is important to me about this life; the communion of souls that is our world. While the asanas support a healthy body, the internal practice of loving kindness has become the aim of my personal progress. Uniting the physical, intellectual, and emotional selves is a guiding force for my teaching. Through mindfulness of one’s self, we can cultivate love for all.