5 Private Yoga Classes for Beginners (Individual)


5 Private Yoga Classes for Beginners (Individual)


New to yoga? Not ready to hop into your first group class? A series of private yoga classes will teach you the basics and prepare you to feel balanced and comfortable taking public classes.

There is infinite depth to the practice of yoga, and individual sessions can support growth at whatever level of practice you wish to attain:

  • fundamentals
  • standard postures and sequences
  • individual attention, alignment, and adjustments that are catered to your specific practice
  • English and Sanskrit translations

The teacher will build the class to meet the needs of the student. These sessions can take many forms:

  • vinyasa flow
  • workshopping just a few poses
  • relaxation and meditation based restorative practice

Private yoga sessions allow you to practice in the comfort of your home, or the even in the soft grass of your favorite park! It is a great time to ask questions and focus on the aspects of yoga that interest or challenge you most.

Lynn will follow up to schedule a date, time, and location. Please provide your contact information.

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