Corporate Office Yoga (group)


Corporate Office Yoga (group)


Group yoga classes or workshops held right in your office! Open to as many people as your space will allow.

Our daily lives are filled with stressors, from the posture required to sit at a desk to the densely packed schedules we maintain both at work and at home.

While maintaining overall physical and mental health, yoga also helps to:

  • focus attention
  • increase awareness and creativity
  • improve energy and stamina
  • heighten mood and patience
  • improve group dynamics

Which means:

  • lower stress
  • higher productivity
  • greater motivation
  • better employee relationships
  • far fewer sick days

Give your team the opportunity to bond, relax, and refocus through the experience of corporate yoga, and right to your very own office!

Lynn will follow up to schedule a date, time, and location. Please provide your contact information.

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